Out West Adventures provides complimentary Medical & Evacuation Insurance for every US Resident on our group tours who does not have other coverage. . You can be comfortable knowing that, should a medical emergency arise – even overseas, our insurance partner will take care of your medical needs and arrange to get you home safely.

We strongly recommend the purchase of additional Trip Cancellation Insurance. Unforeseen events can cause travel delays and even force you to cancel your trip, leaving you to pay in full for a vacation you cannot enjoy. Travel insurance is a simple way to protect your investment (sometimes many thousands of dollars for a deluxe tour and airfare).


Please read your detailed quote carefully and consider the following:

Pre-existing conditions. Most policies will cover pre-existing conditions as long as you are able to travel at the time you purchase the insurance, and as long as you purchase the insurance promptly after paying your tour deposit (typically within 14-21 days, based on the policy).

Covered expenses. Consider whether to insure just the base price of your tour or also airfare and any independent travel expenses before or after the group tour.

Purchase deadlines. Travel insurance companies often have strict purchase deadlines to prevent fraud. They frequently require that you purchase your policy no later than when you make the final payment for your trip, and/or within a certain period after you pay your deposit for your trip.​