Best Seasons:Spring, Summer, Fall
Popular Location:Park City, Utah - Snowbird, Utah
Banner photo: Eric Schramm

What is an Alpine Slide?

An alpine slide (sometimes denoted with its German name Sommerrodelbahn) is a long chute on the side of a hill, usually built by ski resorts to supplement summer income. A wheeled cart is used to navigate the slide. The ride is similar to a bobsled ride, except that it rolls over a smooth track - generally concrete, stainless steel, or fiberglass - rather than sliding on ice. The cart accommodates one or two passengers and is controlled by a hand brake located between the rider\'s legs. Pulling the hand brake handle causes the cart to stop; pushing or letting go of the handle causes the brakes to release, allowing the cart to accelerate. The ride is unique among amusement park rides in that the rider has complete control over his or her speed and ride experience. With this control comes responsibility: the rider must ensure the cart is not going too fast; otherwise the cart may overturn around curves. - Wikipedia