At Out West Adventures, we pride ourselves on creating exceptional tours for sophisticated travelers. We realize many travelers prefer to create their own journeys or may not be able to travel when our tours take place. For those travelers we offer Out West Adventures Custom Tours. We can provide all the logistics for any itinerary you choose. Whether you are one person or a group of twenty-one, we can help with airfare, hotels, local guides and all the things necessary for a happy and successful trip.

Style: Out West Adventures has created a unique style. In all our ventures we seek out the special experience. We look for lodgings that may be smaller but with local color. We always opt for comfort and elegance but tend to shy away from chains that offer the same “luxury” wherever you go.

We believe touring should be a means for like-minded people to share the experience of discovery. To achieve our goal, our groups are small, usually six to fourteen, depending on the destination. This allows us to give personalized attention to each group and assures that the quality of the trip exceeds all expectations.

Adventure: Thanksgiving on the Nile, Christmas in Marrakech, Easter on Easter Island: imagine the unimaginable and Out West Adventures will take you there. While we want you to relax on your vacation, we want to offer you new and exciting experiences as well. So just as important as beaching it in Mykonos is a meditative walk among the monasteries of Mount Athos. While we enjoy the grandeur of our intimate ship on the Nile, it is only the backdrop for absorbing the history and beauty of the land.

Comfort: There are few things in life as comforting as a warm handshake and a hug. On a Out West Adventures tour, you will experience many hugs and many smiles. Often it will be the locals welcoming our tour leader back for another visit … a return to the places and people we love. We send a professional tour leader with every group to take the hassle out of traveling.

Fun: Since Out West Adventures began the purpose has been clear: to provide meaningful tours, cruises and expeditions for those who enjoy traveling in congenial company under expert guidance. Many of our clients have traveled with us year after year and become part of our Out West Adventures family. We continue to welcome new friends on our adventures, and as we provide only the best in travel experiences, we expect no less from you. We pride ourselves on traveling free from petty complaints, distrust and discrimination and we trust you do too. If you are ready to relax and enjoy unique travel in comfort and style with a friendly group of people, please join us. See you soon!

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